What is your real IP address?

The following Java applet makes a direct connection (not a HTTP connection) to my machine and displays the IP address you are coming from.

Additional info:

Your IP address as reported over HTTP is
Klick here to scan that  address on port 7023, to see whether it is open and/or
whether a program is listening.
What's the deal with this?
The usual sites that display your IP address have a fundamental flaw: they work on a http connection from your Web browser, as if you are accessing a web page. But many people use a proxy for HTTP connections. In that case you will see the address of the proxy, not that of your real IP address.

Note that even if no proxy is configured in your browser and Internet setting, you can still be subject to have your HTTP connections being done over a proxy. A number of ISPs and/or companies intercept HTTP traffic and silently, "transparently" insert a proxy.

If the Applet does not display in your browser, then you go and shoot Bill Gates and then you can use this service from a commandline. Works in all of Windows, Mac OS/X and Unix.

Open a commandline window and type

telnet redwolf.dyndns.org 3374
You may want to replace the hostname or portname with a different server, in case the above info is out of date. Try the hostname that this page lives on, with the port 3374. Example: if you are seeing this webpage on

Then you try

telnet knight.cons.org 3374